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Product: 759923

Kickin' It Shaolin Style - 12 Movie Set: Fists From Shaolin - Shaolin Brothers - The Cavalier - Shaolin Kung Fu + 8 more!

Product Description

Factory sealed DVD

Imported from USA

100% Kung Fun!Knock yourself out with 12 high-flyin and punch-packin Kung-Fu Films! This thrilling collection of
jaw-droppin flicks brings together a colossal assortment of martial arts genre films from the 70s, 80s and 90s. From the
ultimate Shaolin masters to the legends of Kung-Fu combat, theses cult classics of slugfest cinema are hard to find and
sure to delight with high-kickin humor and adrenaline pumpin action!

Starring Kung-Fu Masters: Lo Lieh (Five Fingers of Death), Chiu Chen (Wanted! Bruce Li, Dead or Alive), Kwan Wong
(Project A), Carter Wong (Big Trouble in Little China), John Cheung (Bloodsport), Sing Chen (Double Impact)


Dynamite Shaolin Heroes

(1977) - Color - 78 minutes - Rated R

Starring Lo Lieh, Godfrey Ho

After the fall of the Ming Dynasty, China is thrown into turmoil. The loyalists seek the return of Ming, the government
is determine to stay in power. The only difference between the two is one saves life, while the other takes it away.

Shaolin Invincible Guys

(1978) - Color - 88 minutes - Rated R

Starring Chiu Chen, Raymond Liu

The girlfriend of a con-man is being held in a brothel and he must try to raise a dowry to buy her freedom.

The Cavalier

(1978) - Color - 95 minutes - Rated R

Starring Lo Lieh, Joseph Kuo

A grandfather and his young granddaughter travel to town with a very unusual proposition: if any man can beat her in a
fight, she will be his bride.

18 Shaolin Riders

(1980) - Color - 85 minutes - Rated R

Starring Lo Lieh, Fu Di Lin

A group of kung fu philanthropists use their deadly skills to protect the weak and needy.

Stranger from Shaolin

(1981) - Color - 94 minutes - Rated R

Starring Betty Chen, Yeo Ban Yee

When her entire family is killed by the occupying Manchus, Yim Wing Chim narrowly escapes to Shaolin temple.

Shaolin Kung Fu

(1974) - Color - 92 minutes - Rated R

Starring Chian-Lung Wen, Kuo Nan Hong

All is well until the dastardly Tongyang brings his rickshaws into town and starts using his hired muscle to dominate
the clientele.

Fist From Shaolin

(1993) - Color - 89 minutes - Rated R

Starring Kwan Wong, Lau Kwok Wai

Wong Fei Hong must fight against slave trader Master Eleven and Prefect Wu to stop the Chinese being sold as slaves work
in the gold mines in America.

Shaolin Brothers

(1977) - Color - 87 minutes - Rated R

Starring Carter Wong, Joseph Kuo

Complicated mix of Chinese history and myth, where old Shaolin friends find themselves on different sides, one a Ching
general, and the other faithful to Ming.

Rebel Of Shaolin

(1977) - Color - 90 minutes - Rated R

Starring Carter Wong, Lin Dai Chiao

A Shaolin student is framed for the murders of some Shaolin monks and students not knowing the real killer is a traitor
working for the emperor.

Shaolin Death Squad

(1977) - Color - 90 minutes - Rated R

Starring Carter Wong, Joseph Kuo

A Japanese premier kills a statesman in his bid to become Emperor.

Shaolin Super Dragon

(1982) - Color - 86 minutes - Rated R

Starring John Cheung, Paul Chang

Kung Fu idol, John Chang, stars as an escort and Kung Fu master. He meets his match when he comes up against a masked
raider who wants his loot.

The Magnificent

(1979) - Color - 85 minutes - Rated R

Starring Chan Sing, Siu-Pang Chan

An action-packed tale that takes place in 1911 China and focuses on a General who hopes to restore the Ching Dynasty
after China has become a republic.