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Product: 760466

TYR Competitor Jammer Shorts - Men's - Men's

Product Description

Coverage: mid-rise

Reversible: no

Cut: athletic

Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex

Recommended Use: triathlon pool training

Imported from USA

No matter where you live, your year-round training calls for some time in the pool. However, the rapid degradation of
your competition shorts will quickly show you that chlorine doesn't play well with others. So, what's to be done? Well,
the TYR Competitor Jammer Shorts are a good start to solving this dilemma. With a composition that's completely
resistant to chlorine, the Jammer Shorts are the no-brainer resolution to a problem that plagues us all. For the
construction of the Competitor Jammer Shorts, TYR used a high-denier blend of polyester and spandex. So, let's breakdown
what this actually means. By incorporating these two fibers, the shorts gain the breathability and hold of polyester,
while the spandex adds the required stretch for the locomotion of swimming. Additionally, the high denier, or high
fiber-weight, means that the construction's knit is supportive. Accordingly, the shorts hold the legs' muscle groups in
place, protecting them from any unwanted movements or oscillation. Effectively, this reduces fatigue, meaning that
you're able to swim at your threshold for longer periods of time. The aforementioned has been further supported through
the shorts' circular knit construction. This technique creates a nearly seamless tube, which provides an equal level of
support over the entire leg. Additionally, this construction method minimizes the need for seams, meaning that the risk
of chafing is nearly eliminated. For durability, TYR made the shorts 100% chlorine-proof and with 100% colorfastness.
So, neither your training or racing schedule stand to degrade these shorts. In terms of fit, the Jammers feature a
mid-rise at the waist and extend down towards the top of the knee. This provides a maximum coverage, ensuring that both
hydrodynamics and support are optimized. The TYR Competitor Jammer Shorts are available in four sizes from Small to
X-Large and in the colors Black/red, Black/grey, and Black/blue.