• This is a Vegetarian product..
  • Matcha helps in boosting the metabolism and also burns calories which makes it ideal for weight loss.
  • Matcha has L-Theanine which makes it perfect health drink for not just weight loss but whole body fitness.
  • Matcha slowly releases caffeine in body which Increases Energy Levels And Endurance throughout the day with no jittery effect like coffee.
  • COOK WITH MATCHA: Can be used in cooking- Matcha Ice cream, Matcha cheesecake & much more.
  • TOP QUALITY: Our Matcha Powder is imported from the Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and is stone ground.
  • Imported from India.
Imported Japanese Matcha from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Karma Kettle Stone Ground Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder -50 Gms