3 Muay Thai Red Bull Energy Drink Collectible Original glass Bottles Thailand.

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  • Red Bull Collectible Bottle from Thailand ( Original )
  • 100% Genuine Brand new, sealed, never open, never used
  • Size : 100 ml size each x 3 = 300 ml
  • Thai Red Bull is sweeter and has a more pleasant taste than its Western equivalents. It's also un-carbonated making it easier to drink. They say that it's 3-4 times more effective, than similar products on the market, and is used in Thailand by Muay Thai-fighters to give them an added boost. Thai Redbull Energy drink does not contain taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) which is one of the ingredients in its Western equivalents. Try a bottle today, it tastes great chilled and with ice. It's also popular mixed with Thai Sangsom rum.
  • Directions : Insert one tablet into the vagina as deep as possible preferably at night before bedtime. In general, a
    3-day treatment for Vagicin will be sufficient. This is best achieved when lying down with the knees slightly bent.
    This is sufficient for early stage infection. Some stages may require up to two tablets ( morning and night ) for 14
    consecutive days.

    Ingredients :

    Each vaginal tablet contains Clotrimazole 100 mg