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35TH Anniversary Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Game (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Product Description

The Classic Game From 1966 In Which The Battling Robots Try To Knock Each Other's Blocks Off

Red Rocker And Blue Bomber Battle It Out In The Arena, With Realistic Sounds And Jaw-Jolting Action

When A Robot Lands That Blockbuster Punch To His Opponent's Jaw, The Victorious Robot's Head Pops Up With That Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Gotcha Sound

Complete With Robots And Stadium

A Classic Game Fun For All

Imported from USA

Long before TV shows like Battlebots, there were these guys: two plastic boxers battling it out in a ring, tirelessly
jabbing at each other in an effort to knock their opponent's block off. Years go by and these fighters (creatively
referred to in my house as "the blue one" and "the red one") are still at it, still operated by two players working
simple controllers, and still madly punching in an effort to knock loose the other fellow's spring-loaded head. As was
traditionally the case, it takes a while to maneuver the robots such that you can even land any punch, let alone a
knockout blow. But for intense silly robot fighting, without the hassle of batteries, these guys are still champs.
--John Moe