Championship Productions Becoming A Champion High Jumper - Beyond The Basics DVD

by Championship Productions, Inc.

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  • Mike Pullins, University of Southern California Assistant Track & Field Coach
  • Featuring demonstrations by Jesse Williams, 2008 US Olympic Trials High Jump Champ
  • 2007
  • 49 minuites
  • In part 1 of this 3-part presentation, Mike Pullins narrates the technical breakdown of all phases of the high jump.
    Coach Pullin's instruction is greatly enhanced with demonstrations for two former USC All Americans that including an
    NCAA champion. Uniquely, each demonstrator has a style that is his own, one a taller lanky athlete and the other shorter
    and throughout the instruction details the differences with these two body types. Pullin's breakdown begins with the
    approach and he shares tips for placing marks for consistency. Included in the technical phase breakdown are the
    approach, running the curve, specifics for the penultimate step and over-the-bar positioning and landing. Tips and
    nuances are abundant throughout the demonstrations. In Part 2: High Jump Drills, Pullins shares 13 drills that are
    specifically designed to help the high jumper train for the event. Implementing these drills will greatly enhance each
    phase of the high jump. These drills range from simple to complex and are applicable to high jumpers at any level. In
    Part 3, Pullins shares more than 25 drills designed to enhance the athleticism of a high jumper. These exercises focus
    upon core strength development and explosiveness training. This DVD will give you the technical and physical building
    blocks that are essential in becominuitesg a champion high jumper.


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