Blender Bottle with Shaker Ball 28 Oz, Pack of 3 (Blue, Red, & Black)

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Product Description

3 bottles with secure screw-on lid

Easy-to-clean; dishwasher-safe

StayOpen flip capTM won't close on your nose

GripperBarsTM make it easy to hold

Embossed ounce and milliliter markings

Blender Bottle with Shaker Ball 28 Oz, Pack of 3 (Blue, Red, Black) - BlenderBottle® Perfect for Whey and Creatine
Powder - Tired of sifting lumps through your teeth? There's a better way. The patented BlenderBottle® is the
best-selling portable mixer simply because it works. No batteries, no cord, no hassle. It's powerful enough to mix the
thickest ingredients with ease. Use it in the kitchen, at the office, at the gym, when you travel, or on the go.
BlenderBall® Spring thingy, wire ball, whisker ball, mixer thing, scrambler, little whipper, and the magic ball. Though
it answers to many names, it's actually called a BlenderBall®. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel, the BlenderBall®
wire whisk makes short work of your mixing needs. Simply drop the ball in with your ingredients and shake. Its variable
speed action is up to you! Gently swirl it to stir, or shake it fast to whip it up. The ball is designed to remain in
the cup until you've enjoyed the contents.