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Ezy Dose Weekly (7-day) AM/PM Push Button Pill Planner (XL)

Product Description

EASY USE - Push buttons and rounded bottoms make the planner easy to open and medication easy to retrieve

AM/PM COMPARTMENTS- Day and night compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses

CLEAR LIDS - The planner's clear lids allow for easy visibility of medication to help prevent missed doses

LARGE COMPARTMENTS - The planner can fit 30 aspirin and has plenty of space for all of your daily medication

Product Recommended by The Arthritis Foundation

Imported from USA

Ezy Dose Weekly Pill Planner - 7-Day AM/PM Pill Planner - This AM/PM Weekly Pill Organizer is Perfect for Scheduling
Your Week's Medication. Its Push Buttons and Transparent Lid are Simple To Use and Help You Keep Track Of Your
Medication Through The Week . This 7-Day Pill Planner is designed for easy use. Its buttons and rounded bottom make it
easy to open and retrieve medications. Separate AM/PM compartments make it easy to organize pills taken twice a day. The
product's clear lid allows easy visibility of medication to help prevent missing doses.. The main features of the 7-Day
AM/PM Pill Planner include:.Easy Use - Push Buttons and Rounded Bottoms make the planner easy to open and medication
easy to retrieveDay And Night Reminders - Easily plan your twice a day medication doses Clear Lid - Allows easy
visibility of medications to help prevent any missed doses Large Compartments - Each compartment can fit 30 aspirin
tablets and has plenty of room for all of your daily medications. 8 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 1 Inches Product recommended by The
Arthritis Foundation and is great for anyone with dexterity problems! About Ezy Dose:Ezy Dose is the leader in
easy-to-use medication management products. Many of our push-button pill planners are endorsed by the Arthritis
Foundation for our ease-of-use design. Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier with products like pill
cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill planners..