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Product Description

12" Diameter Net

FiberBoard Insect Box

Two Pocket Size Killing Jars

Spreading Board

Insect Pins

Imported from USA

Contains: 12" diameter nylon aerial collecting net with an 18" hardwood handle; fiberboard insect box with pinning
bottom (9" x 13" x 2-1/2"); two pocket-type, 4 oz. killing jars with plaster; 8 dram vial of nontoxic ethyl acetate
killing fluid; spade tip, nickel-plated forceps; spreading board with 12" foam pinning surfaces and variable groove of
1/8" to 3/4"; three-step hardwood pinning block; pack of 100 insect pins, size 2 or 3; 50 glassine envelopes (2-3/4" x
4-1/4"); 60 blank labels, index stock (7/8" x 1/2"); two fumidors, naphthalene cones on mounting pins; label pen and
point, crow quill; illustrated instruction book.