Summer's Eve Douche 4-Pack, Island Splash, 4.5 Fl Oz

Product Description

Flushes vagina for cleansing and comfort

Island Splash formula; sweet, floral fragrance

Comfortable tip; flexible bottle neck for easy insertion

Not for use when experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms

Please read all label information on delivery

4 Units - 4.5 Fl Oz (133 mL) Each
Clinically Tested
Refreshes as it Cleans
Complete and Ready-To-Use
How Summer's Eve® douche is different:
Exclusive One-Piece Unit: The bottle and nozzle are one single unit, so there's nothing to assemble. Complete and
Comfortip® Nozzle: The Summer's Eve douche nozzle has been designed to assure easy and comfortable insertion
Easy Angle Flexible Neck: The exclusive flexible neck allows you to adjust the nozzle to the most comfortable position
for you
Exclusive Gentle Cleansing Formulas: Summer's Eve douches have special gentle cleansing formulas with purified water to
leave you fresh and clean.
enjoy being a women®