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Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter - Impact Absorbing Kids Playground Equipment - 360 Degree Rotation

Product Description

TWO-IN-ONE PLAY SET - This seesaw can rotate in complete 360 degree. Thanks to its urethane wheels, once a seat goes down, it can be moved parallel with ease. Urethane won't break nor crack under impact. It is highly resilient against bumps and abrasion.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - This teeter totter is built with a heavy-duty frame that's ensured to carry 300lbs. It has weather-resistant powder coat finish for added durability and protection against corrosion and rust. It's the ideal playset for outdoors!

SAFE AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This play set features 2 elongated soft cushioned seats and ergonomic handlebars with rubber grips. The roller wheels under seats absorb the shock impact and soften landing, protecting your children from any possible discomfort

FUN HEALTHY EXERCISE - Encourage your children to stay active with this teeter totter that allows your kids to spin round-and-round and bounce up-and-down. This motion helps to stretch and strengthen their muscles, conducive to their physical development.

SHARE THE FUN WITH FRIENDS - You no longer having to worry about your child going to the park alone. This spinning seesaw is easy to install in an area 57.2"x18"x 8.5" and holds up 300 lbs. Turn your backyard into a playground full of laughter instantly!

Imported from USA

You don’t need to pull out all the stops just to get your kids off the couch. Gym Dandy introduces its latest outdoor
playground equipment –Gym Dandy 360° Teeter Totter. This bright and colorful play set allows kids to play and exercise
at the same time.

This spinning teeter totter has an ergonomic design, which helps keep your children’s activity safe and fun-filled. It
is made with a durable frame and coated with weather-resistant powder finish that permits the teeter totter to spin in
complete 360 degrees. The coaster wheels installed under the seats allow the seesaw to move freely. All wheels are made
from urethane, a highly resilient and non-brittle material. These urethane wheels won’t crack or break under impact.
Children can enjoy playing on grassy backyard or cemented pavement. In addition, Gym Dandy constructed the teeter totter
with ergonomic handlebars. So users can safely and comfortably hold on the rubber hand grips. Your kids can with sit
easily on the elongated soft cushioned seats. For additional safety, padded backs are added to the seats. Make good use
of your children’s endless energy with the Gym Dandy 360°Spinning Teeter Totter. The easy-to-install playground
equipment allows its users to put to use their muscles. By pushing their legs off the ground, your kids stretch and
strengthen their muscles. It provides an active lifestyle for the little ones.

You no longer need to travel to the park for your kids to play. With Gym Dandy, your kids can play and exercise at
home. This fitness equipment has overall dimensions of 57.2" x 18" x 8.5".

Time flies when you’re enjoying. Get all hands on deck, or rather handgrips, and have fun with Gym Dandy 360°Spinning
Teeter Totter!