Toppik Hair Building Fibers Travel Size Small Black (2.5gm), Cover Bald Spots Instantly, Hair Loss Concealer, "HAIR TRANSPLANT", Keratin Fiber"

by Toppik

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Product ID: 763769


  • Toppik is a 100% SAFE drug free hair loss solution and prudent alternative to costly hair transplant procedures.
  • Toppik can combat BOTH male and female hair loss.
  • Toppik is an instant solution to balding
  • Toppik is a cosmetic hair, not a treatment or a shampoo
  • These artificial hair fibers are textured to look exactly like your natural hair.
  • Worried about your hair loss, tired of using products that promise results and never give? Or wait 6 to12 months to see
    the poor results of a shampoo, lotion or pills? The solution is TOPPIK...