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Sailing a Serious Ocean: Sailboats, Storms, Stories and Lessons Learned from 30 Years at Sea

Product Description

Imported from USA

Learn what it takes to cross an ocean from a veteran sailor

In Sailing a Serious Ocean, author John Kretschmer uses his experiences and stories to show you what you will need to
across an ocean or go around the world, in fair weather or foul. His true accounts of storms and other challenges at sea
makes exciting reading and shows not only how sailboats should be handled when the chips are down, but how you should
handle yourself. Learning how these boats respond to extreme circumstances will give you absolute confidence in your
chosen boat’s ability to keep you and your family safe in a storm.

John sails the seas for a living--delivering boats across oceans and teaching the skills of passagemaking to other
sailors on their boats or his own. In thirty years of seagoing, he has weathered 300,000 ocean miles and dozens of
storms in all the world’s oceans. He has as much seagoing experience in as many different boats as any sailor on the
planet. And he is the perfect teacher to help you achieve your long-voyage dreams.

"Anyone contemplating their first offshore passage, particularly with a small crew, should buy and study this latest
book by renowned sailor and nautical writer John Kretschmer. Sailing a Serious Ocean is a highly entertaining and
engaging book, and it’s absolutely packed with lessons that might save a life one day. Even seasoned sailors will find
useful information on nearly every page."
-Windcheck Magazine, Nov 2013