TEKTON 6817 Adjustable Hacksaw (8-Inch - 12-Inch) and Compact Hacksaw Set

by Tekton

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Product ID: 764257


  • Three-position frame accepts 8-, 10-, and 12-inch blades
  • Classic all-steel construction with durable chrome finish
  • Soft, nonslip handle grip for sure control
  • Compact hacksaw handle is small, thin, and light for work in tight spaces
  • Includes one 12-inch, dual-edged (18 TPI x 24 TPI) blade
  • The all-purpose TEKTON Adjustable Hacksaw and Compact Hacksaw Set is the perfect combination for a wide range of
    plumbing, construction, shop, and garage applications. The Adjustable Hacksaw has a three-position frame that accepts
    8-, 10-, and 12-inch blades for maximum versatility. It's recommended for cutting plastic and metal pipes, tubing,
    conduit, threaded rods, brackets, bolts, and chain. The Compact Hacksaw is small, thin, and lightweight for working in
    tight, cramped spaces where other saws can't fit. The frameless handle accepts blades of any length, and the blade
    position is fully adjustable to fit the job. It's best for light-duty work like cutting plastic, soft metals, and
    thin-walled tubing and pipes. The set includes one 12-inch dual-edge (18 TPI/24 TPI) blade.

    Set Includes:

    * 1-pc. Hacksaw frame
    * 1-pc. Compact handle
    * 1-pc. 12-inch, dual-edged (18 TPI x 24 TPI) blade


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