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Product: 764870

Product Description

Imported from USA

The Farmer: Blain McTavish is a Maine farmer with issues. He likes to run in the woods at night … nude. Aside from
thinking he’s going crazy, his health is steadily declining and no one seems to know why.

The Apprentice: Afton O’Malley is an almost powerless Druid who accompanies her mentor, the Sorceress of The Ancients,
to the United States. Without the proper conjuring skills, how is she supposed to convince Blain that he’s a creature of
magic … half Fairy, half Druid? And how can she save him from an evil conjurer who wants him dead?

The Evil: A malevolent force won’t stop until it can control the mythical creatures protected by the Sorceress of the
Ancients. Blain, his uncle, the Sorceress, and her apprentice stand in the way. If small hexes and black magic won’t
work, then it’s time to attack. And someone is going to die.

The Adventure: Can Blain accept a world of magic? Will the creatures of the Order allow him to live among them? And how
can he and Afton ever have a normal relationship when some evil presence wants him dead? No matter how far away Blain
runs, a horrifying being follows. And he fears it will never leave him and the woman he loves alone.