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Dcs Deals Disposable Foil Liners Set of 10 18.5x15.5

Product Description

🗄️ KEEP YOUR OVEN CLEAN AND MESS FREE - The worst chore in the house has got to be scraping off stuck on food from the oven. To save yourself the stress and time scouring your oven clean, just pop one of these liners into the bottom tray of the oven!

🗄️ REUSABLE AND LONG LASTING - 1 foil liner can last a good while in the oven! It will be there to catch any grease, gravy or sauce from your gourmet cooking. If you are into baking, you know all about exploding cakes and batter dripping everywhere. Use the foil pan oven liner until it's gunky, then replace with a new one.

🗄️ GREAT VALUE SET OF 10 - These aluminum foil square oven liners are hard to find at the store. This pack of 10 should last for a good few months, and you don't need to go running back to store in case you run out. You can enjoy the fast shipping and delivery straight to your home.

🗄️ FITS ALL TYPES OF OVENS - The rectangle oven liners measure 18.5x15.5 and is designed to fit in all types of ovens, including gas and electric. These large foil trays are big enough to catch all the drips and overflow yet won't block any vents or airflow in your oven. Be sure to REMOVE THE LINER when activating any self-clean cycle

🗄️ MADE IN THE USA WITH HIGHEST QUALITY MANUFACTURING - The highest-grade aluminum foil liners will not get scorched or brunt in your oven. Silicon trays, baking paper can all be dangerous, that's why we make these oven drip pans with the highest quality materials right here in the USA.

Imported from USA

Aluminum Oven Liners to Catch the Spills, Drips, and Grease. Keeping Your Oven Clean All Day Every Day!Are you tired of
scrubbing the bottom trays of your oven after you host a dinner party?We know that feeling when you put your delicious
roast beef into the oven complete with succulent gravy and vegetables, and suddenly you slip and spill some gravy into
the bottom of your oven.
Then your oven heats up and cooks the spilled juice or sauce making a lovely sticky mess for you to clean up later.Save
yourself the stress of aching backs, tired hands and inhaling of chemicals!Prevent the mess by getting this OVEN LINER!!
You will be asking yourself how on earth you managed without them for all these years!General Features:
☑️ Reusable - Can be used multiple time in your oven to catch any batter, drips, grease or spills.
☑️ Versatile - Use in your outdoor grill, electric oven, or gas oven it's completely heat safe.
☑️ Multiuse - You can also use the drip tray and a cookie sheet. Fits around 10 cookies on one foil sheet.
☑️ Value Pack - Pack of 10 foil oven liners. Saves you time shopping for more.
☑️ Extra Strong - These foil trays are made with top grade aluminum making them strong and durable. They will not rip
like baking paper or aluminum foil.
☑️ Save Time & Energy - Save you scrubbing and putting the oven on its 4 hr self-cleaning cycle.Everything You Need for
a Mess-Free Cooking!
Rust-proof, fire-proof and easy to insert. Use them to bake, roast, reheat and serve. When dirty, just toss them out and
insert a new liner.Size: 18.5 X 16x3 Inch".Use these liners in both gas and electric oven, REMOVE THE LINER when
activating any self-clean cycle.
And if you use them in an electric oven, be sure the liner lies flat and does not come in contact with the element
manufactured by DCS Deals