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Dc Electric Motor 3v 6v DIY Ping Pong Ball Launcher Robot Wheel Vdc Car B24

This product is currently out of stock.

Product Description

Imported from USA

This is an interesting item, they are two motors attached to wheels with a housing around it. I could think of lots of
projects that they would be good for, from DIY robots to ping pong ball launcher

I made an example of my idea the ping pong ball launcher.

Check out the video below and start inventing.

Package Contains

1x Pair of 3-6VDC motors

Pair of 3-6VDC motors Mounted in plastic housings with 2-1/2" dia. X 3/4" foam rubber wheels used to accelerate toy cars
on track. Appears to use 2 or more "C" or "D" cells. Wiring harness has 2 Battery contacts and a 3 position switch. In
one position a diode is connected in series with the motors to reduce the voltage. Motors & housings are almost
identical with the exception of one motor has a small belt drive hub.