Prep Solutions by Progressive Adjustable Bread Keeper

AED 127
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Product Description

Keeps bread and other baked goods fresh longer

Expands up to 11 inches to accommodate most bread sizes

Adjust the air vents to allow the desired amount of air in the keeper

Bread board included for convenient slicing

Dishwasher safe

Keep bread, bagels, muffins, and other baked good fresh longer with this innovative adjustable bread keeper from
Progressive International, which expands up to 11 inches to fit the size of your bread products. The bread keeper's air
vents adjust to allow just the right amount of air into the storage area, and it comes with its own bread board for
convenient slicing. Made of polyethylene/polystyrene/TPE, it's dishwasher safe.

Air ventsAdjustable vent regulates air flow.

Cutting boardDurable polypropylene cutting board .

ExpandableExpands up to 11 inches.

About Progressive International

After 38 years in business, Progressive International is still dedicated to creating functional gadgets, tools,
food-prep items and household products to make your cooking and meal preparation more efficient and fun. Located in
Kent, Washington, Progressive's products are sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and other
international markets.


Progressive Makes Cooking Cool

More than a workspace, the contemporary kitchen is the heart of the home where we connect with family and friends, and
Progressive's philosophy of product design aims to create the perfect balance of form, function and value for your
kitchen. The design process pulls from many different research methods such as ethnographic research, consumer testing,
surveys, and in-home observations, identifying real life problems in the kitchen that translate to fresh, new ideas for
smarter products.