GSI Super Quality All-In-One Outdoor Exercise Data Handheld Monitor - Measures Altitude, Temperature, Humidity And Barometer - Alarm And Stopwatch Functions - For Walking, Running, Jogging And All Outdoor Activities

by Gsi

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Product ID: 765914


  • Multi Function Training and Exercise Tool - Weatherproof Portable Monitor With Alarm Clock
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer And Hygrometer - Combined In One System
  • Stopwatch Up To 9:59:59, Automatic Calendar, Relative Humidity Measurements
  • Altitude Range; -500 To 9000 Meters, Memory And History Graphic Display, Altitude Alarm
  • Barometric Weather Forecast; Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy - 12 Hour Pressure History Display
  • Multi Function New Exercise Clock from GSI - For All Forms Of Indoor-Outdoor Activities. Keeping Data Has Become an
    Integral Part Of Training and Sports Exercising, and the GAT701H was designed with all functions and features you can
    possible want. Easy, User-Friendly and Affordable, it is a great alternative to other pricier Models Out There!