2014 Hooligan 138 board - inc. Fins (Order from website if not in stock - Kite Force Academy)

by Flexifoil

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  • Designed to be the ultimate freestyle ride, the Hooligan has been given a fast rocker line, allowing it to get onto the plane very early. The outline shape has been developed to track well and scream upwind. The tips are shaped for pop and allow the fins to be mounted in the optimum freestyle position ? wide apart and set back from the rider's feet.
  • Flexifoil can also present with the Hooligan a completely fresh fin design, honed to perfection for the ultimate freestyle performance, reducing fin hook-up, but also offering good drive and pop characteristics essential for today's wakestyle tricks.
  • The Hooligan truly is a high performing, bombproof freestyle machine, and is the only choice for those looking to stomp the very latest trick.
  • Be ruthless on the water and blow past your own standards with the Hooligan freestyle board from Flexifoil. An evolution
    from the popular Delta board, the Hooligan offers massive amounts of pop originating from its square tips and precise
    fin positioning.


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