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Total Immersion Swimming: Perpetual Motion Freestyle in Ten Lessons

Product Description

Condition: New

Format: DVD

Color; Dolby; DVD; NTSC

Imported from USA

What's Perpetual Motion Freestyle? Think of it as ''swimming for grownups''. The traditional way of swimming freestyle
is designed to maximize speed in the short term but makes you tire quickly and increases risk of injury by emphasizing
fast, shorter, powerful strokes. Total Immersion's Perpetual Motion Freestyle is designed to help you swim longer with
more ease and enjoyment, and to allow for the easiest transition from pool swimming to open water. There is no more
efficient - or satisfying - way to swim freestyle! Previous Total Immersion swimming DVDs have helped thousands
transform struggles into skills, because they provide a rich visual guide to the key positions and movements of
low-drag, high-fluency swimming. The Self-Coached Workshop on Perpetual Motion Freestyle goes a step further by teaching
you how to learn, not just how to swim. Dozens of fine points and tips on how to avoid the most common missteps and
increase your sense of clear direction are provided, based on TI's years of coaching experience. Whether you want to
train for Olympics swimming or simply build your skills, this is a must-have for every swimmer!