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Inteletool Telescopic Stiff Bristle Push Broom 2 to 4 foot

Product Description

Inteletool-The Tool Solution is the world's first Industrial Interchangeable telescopic garden, maintenance and firefighting tool system

Built tough to Industrial standards, currently in use by Military and Government agencies, Businesses, Firefighters, Tradesmen and Trailblazers. Made in USA

Heavy duty male tool head threads into the female Inteletool telescopic pole and then secured with a nylon collar lock, will not fall off

Space saver, great for trunk, shelf or storage compartment in your home, vehicle (RV,4x4) place of business or on an ATV, search and rescue vehicle or fire truck

Great customer service! Visit, email us at or call 330-886-TOOL (8665) with any questions

Imported from USA

About the interchangeable tool head: This lawn and garden; janitorial floor cleaning, sweeping IBST- stiff bristle push
broom tool head comes with the IP24- 2-4' Inteletool Rubber gripped telescopic pole. 24" Brush width. Heavy duty wave
design orange bristles stay in position, will not warp. The stiff bristle push broom tool head is designed with
corresponding acme threads that thread inside the telescopic pole. How the pole works with the head: When combined with
the Inteletool telescopic pole, the tool head attaches and detaches and telescopic pole collapses for easy storage and
transport. The Inteletool tool head (male) and the all fiberglass telescopic pole (female) both utilize the ACME thread
in combination with a nylon collar lock on the pole to connect the tool heads to the telescopic pole for a secure,
permanent feel. The Inteletool telescopic pole features a twist & lock innerlocking mechanism with an external nylon
collar lock to prevent the pole from collapsing while in use. There are no predesignated stopping points for length. Can
adjust to any desired length. Strongest telescopic pole on the market! Application: Use to sweep and clean up medium to
heavy material. Perfect for road and floor, garage and shop cleaning. Great on trucks in combination with the ISS- Steel
or IPS- Poly Scoop Inteletool scoop shovels. Firefighting, gardening, hunting, camping, hiking, off road (4x4 and ATV),
cleaning up after disaster, military, maintenance (building, ground), camping (RV and tent), backpacking and more.
Special Feature: This Stiff bristle Broom tool is designed to be a part of your own custom built tool kit by Inteletool.
Featured in the following tool kits: ICUK, ITK.