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Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit - Kit Includes: 1 Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner - 1 Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner Sponge

Product Description

PING PONG PADDLE CLEANER KIT: Includes Butterfly Spin Refresh, Rubber Care Sponge and cleaning tips

REJUVENATOR: Specially formulated cleaner will help rejuvenate the rubber surface to its natural tacky state

SPONGE: Cleaning sponge offers a soft absorbent side and a very dense side that acts as a squeegee

CLEANER: Removes oil and dirt from the rubber surface of your racket

EASY TO USE: Just apply 1 pump and wipe clean before and after play to prolong the racket life

Imported from USA

Take care of your table tennis racket with this Butterfly Racket Care Kit. The best racket in the world won't perform
well if you don't keep the surface clean. The included Rushawa Foam Cleaner removes oil and dirt from your racket's
rubber surface, yet is scentless and ozone friendly. Also included is the Rubber Care Sponge, which has a softer yellow
side for use with the cleaner, and a dense blue side for wiping off the surface.

About Butterfly

Hikosuke Tamasu founded Tamasu Co., Ltd. in the small town of Yanai City, Japan in 1950. This was the beginning of a
company career which is almost unique in table tennis. A renowned international for Japan, Tamasu fulfilled his dream of
a lifetime when he made his hobby his profession. At that time, he could hardly imagine that he would make Butterfly the
leading brand worldwide. Creativity, durability, and a profound technical knowledge meant success. 0ver and over again
he looked for new possibilities in order to optimize techniques by innovative playing material. Tamasu realized that
each player is different and has strengths and weaknesses. By offering individual playing material Tamasu wanted to help
players right from the beginning to emphasize their individuality. Since 1983 Butterfly has its own training and
research center in Tokyo. Highly qualified scientists co-operate with world class players and coaches for the
development of rubber and blade technology. Butterfly's rubbers and blades are used by more than half of the
participants at World and European Championships.