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Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System

Product Description

Proven 3 step training system; shape first, scent second, then transition to a real shed antler

Antler dummy is white; giving visual contrast to help younger dogs during training

Soft antler dummy allows you to safely train both a younger dog and also cross train an older dog; avoiding a "shed shy" dog; not a chew toy

Antler scent allows you to use the antler dummy to train your dog to the scent of a real deer antler shed

Training instructions walk you through step by step; use this system whether you're training a puppy or an old dog; booklet located inside the kit's packaging

Imported from USA

The Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System - The Shed Antler Retrieving System by Dog Bone is a proven 3 step process to
train your dog to find shed antlers. It is designed to allow its users to effectively "cross-train" previously trained
retrievers and sporting dogs or young pups to hunt for and retrieve shed antlers. The antler dummies are made of the
same material as other training dummies, enabling an easy transition in training to an object of a new shape with a
familiar feel. The antler dummies are not only effective transition training tools, but also serve as a means to provide
a safe, positive and pleasant introduction to the antler shape for pups and young dogs with sensitive smaller muzzles,
eyes and nose's. With the use of a few basic training methods and the proper tools, most dogs can be effectively trained
to find sheds, increasing your odds of success exponentially! Kit includes dummy, training booklet and 2 oz. antler