OXO Good Grips French Press

by Oxo

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  • Patent pending stainless steel and silicone groundskeeper removes grounds in one easy step
  • Sturdy, stainless steel housing and glass carafe ensure optimal brewing and serving
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips on handle and top of filter plunger
  • 34-ounce capacity, ideal for towo or more servings
  • Hand wash recommended
  • OXO's French Press – Uncommon Ground

    "Coffee Culture" is booming, as evidenced by the number of specialty shops and blogs dedicated to teaching people
    everywhere the art of a great cup of coffee. Coffee purists believe that a French Press delivers the most satisfying cup
    for a couple of reasons:

    * The downward pressure captures the coffee's rich, concentrated flavors
    * The coffee grounds remain in direct contact with the brewing water, ensuring none of the essential oils are wasted

    Still, a very common (and basic) pet peeve that even the most enthusiastic French Press-connoisseur voiced was its
    difficulty to clean. In typical OXO fashion, we devoted ourselves to correcting this issue with our very own French

    Fun Fact:

    Food & Wine's senior recipe developer found she could use our Press to make a quick broth by steeping dried mushrooms
    in hot water and the pressing to pour out the liquid.

    OXO French Press

    Problems Identified

    * Unequivocally the biggest complaint about a French Press is the cleanup. The nitty gritty is that rinsing alone will
    not extract every last bit of coffee grounds. Further, dumping large amounts of coffee grounds down the sink can cause
    clogs in your drain.
    * Without a heat source, the temperature of coffee in a French Press declines faster than other methods of making
    * Dosage with a French Press can be tricky – too much and the coffee is too strong, too little and it is too weak.

    The Process

    * Our first attempt at a cleaning solution for coffee grounds had a center rod that caused hot water to bubble to the
    top – a non-gratifying (and potentially dangerous) solution.
    * The development team explored a stainless steel housing to encase the glass carafe, primarily because it made the
    Press more table-friendly. What they discovered was that it actually kept the coffee warmer, longer.
    * Coffee Connoisseurs recommend a 17:1 ratio (that means 17 grams of water to every 1 gram of coffee grounds).

    OXO French Press

    OXO's Solutions

    * Our patent-pending silicone GroundsKeeper acts as a squeegee along the inside of the glass carafe, allowing you to
    swipe and dump coffee grounds into the garbage or Compost Bin in one easy step.
    * A sturdy stainless steel housing and glass carafe ensure the optimal brewing temperature and keep coffee warmer,
    * Easy-to-read recommended measurement markings on the GroundsKeeper and carafe help deliver a delicious cup of coffee
    without all the guesswork.

    The OXO Story:

    In 1990, OXO staged a revolution (of sorts) by offering an easy-to-use, high-performing alternative to uncomfortable
    and ineffective kitchen gadgets. OXO's innovative take on the traditional Swivel Peeler, complete with its pudgy black
    handle, raised consumers' expectations of what could be expected from household products.

    Today OXO offers over 800 products, each developed with a close (some might say "obsessive") attention to detail. Our
    goal is to deliver products that maximize comfort AND performance, illustrating our mission to create innovative
    consumer products that make everyday living easier.

    Ever wonder what makes an OXO product an "OXO Product"?

    OXO employees believe there are two rules that should guide product development: First, every new product must deliver
    a significant improvement over the status quo. Second, the functionality should never be sacrificed to make the product
    more attractive – above all it should work well.


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