Obie-Cue's Texas Spice Sweet 'N Heat Hot BBQ Rub - 3X World BBQ Champion's Barbeque Rub (4.5 oz)

by Obie Cue's

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  • No MSG
  • Low Sodium
  • 1998 Best Hot Rub (this Rub specifically!)
  • 4 National Contest Titles (for this mix)
  • Formulated by a 3X World BBQ Champion
  • Spicy Brown Sugar Rub for Ribs, Chops, Butts and Shoulder Brisket and Chicken. Rich Brown Sugar and Mellow Spices,
    Warmed a bit by Chile's Heat Make BBQ or Grilling Thrilling. Just Spicy, not too hot to eat! Formulated by a True
    Texan, and THREE TIME WORLD CHAMPION BBQ Expert Obie Obermark! Our primary job is to make our customers look like
    geniuses every time they get around a fire. Obie-Cue's makes it easy for anyone to very literally cook like a BBQ
    champion, because the BBQ champions are using the same rub, and we put the recipes right on the labels.We make ONLY rubs
    and dry seasonings---25 years in business---only 3-Time Best Rub on The Planet in the history of The American Royal Rub
    contest(the world's largest)---recommended by BBQ Champions Johnny Trigg and Rod Gray!! Sweet 'N Heat has won the
    following awards: 1st Sausage at American Royal, Best Hot Rub-'98 at the RoyalAmerican Royal - Best Hot, 3rd overall
    -'98 National Trade Association Contests Food Distributor Magazine 1999 National Rub and Marinade Tasting. 2nd Chicken
    Rub-Spicy National BBQ Association 1999 Awards of Excellence, top 10 Spice Blend, 3rd Packaging. Grill Like a Texas
    Champion, try Sweet-n-Heat and see what all the fuss is about. We can make YOU a BBQ Legend too!