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Crown Sporting Goods Football Kickoff Tee, Orange

Product Description

Made using the highest quality materials

Tested for durability

Designed to be safe and unique

Molded Rubber Football Kickoff Tee

Measures 5 Inches Long And 2.5 Inches Tall

Ideal For School Sports Teams

Holds Footballs Of All Sizes (Pee Wee To Official Nfl)

Can Be Used For Right or Left Kickers

Imported from USA

If You Want To Practice Your Kickoff , This Football Tee By Crown Sporting Goods is the Perfect Solution. Ideal for Home
or Field Use, This Molded Rubber Tee can hold Pee Wee Sized Footballs All The Way Up Official NFL Size. The Tee's Bright
Orange Color makes it easily visible on practically any Playing Surface, ensuring you get the Best Chance for an
accurate Kickoff.
Each Tee measures approximately 5 inches long and 2.5 inches tall. The Ridged Molding on the base keeps the Football
firmly in place prior to Kickoff. This Tee can be used for Right Or Left Kickers. It is the perfect practice accessory
for School Sports Teams.