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PEET Dryer - Multi 4 Shoe Electric Dryer

Product Description

NEUTRALIZES ODORS CAUSED BY PERSPIRATION AND BACTERIA: Beyond neutralizing odors, our product is also designed to remove contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials.

4 PATENTED PEET DRYPORTS CIRCULATE AIR FOR THOROUGH DRYING: Comes with 4 Footwear DryPorts to accommodate a maximum of 2 pairs of footwear-or- using PEET DryPorts (sold separately), a pair of footwear plus handwear or headgear, all during the same drying cycle.

IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF MATERIALS: Carefully engineered to safely and effectively dry leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics while further helping extend the life of your footwear and gear.

25 YEAR WARRANTY: We don't just build products that solve problems; we build quality products designed to last. We are confident in our product and offer you the PEET Dry Factory Warranty. Simply register your product within 10 days of your current or future purchase to take advantage of this benefit.

SAFE, SILENT OPERATION: For your convenience, this product is made to operate without making a sound. To test, place your gear on the dryer before you go to bed and check for any dampness in the morning. Your shoes or gear should be perfectly dry and ready to accompany you on the adventures ahead.

Imported from USA

The M06B Multi PEET Dryer is a clever, easy-to-use device that's designed to remove moisture, odor, and bacteria from
multiple pairs of shoes at once. It effectively circulates air to dry and warm all types of footwear without damaging
fabrics. What's more, the Multi PEET uses less energy than two average light bulbs, and it is safe enough to leave
plugged in overnight, so you can wake up to warm and dry footwear.

The M06B Multi PEET Dryer
At a Glance:
* 4 patented PEET DryPorts
* Natural thermal convection
* Large, sturdy base for 2 pairs of heavy boots
* Optional attachments to dry helmets or gloves sold separately
* Safe for use with shoes/boots made of almost any material
* 25-year limited warranty

Improves Health, Comfort, and Shoe Life
Wet footwear can cause mold, fungus, and skin irritation, but with the efficient and effective Multi PEET, you can dry
your shoes to eliminate odors and get cozy, healthier feet. What's more, this dryer will help extend the life of your
gear by eliminating sweat and mold that can cause deterioration.Dries and Warms Footwear Safely
The Multi PEET has a patented design that draws in air through vents in the base of the dryer for warming. The warmed
air is routed through the PEET AirChambers to the DryPorts, which gently direct airflow to thoroughly dry your shoes.
The mild, thermal convection makes the Multi PEET perfectly safe to leave plugged in overnight, which means the dryer
can also double as a warm storage place for your next day's pair of shoes.

Like all PEET dryers, the Multi PEET is safe for use with footwear and gear made from almost any material, including
leather, canvas, rubber, vinyl, cloth, plastic, and all modern fabrics.

Plenty of Options to Meet Your Needs
The M06-B Multi PEET Dryer features four DryPorts for drying two pairs of shoes simultaneously, and the large, sturdy
base easily handles heavy ski boots or skates. With the option for Helmet or Glove DryPorts, you can also use the Multi
PEET for your other gear, mixing and matching ports to dry what you need.

Silent and Energy Efficient
The M06B Multi PEET Dryer works silently and uses the same energy as a 75-watt bulb. Natural thermal convection raises
air through the AirChambers to dry footwear effectively and efficiently.

Warranty Information
PEET offers a 30-day money back guarantee if your M06B Multi PEET Dryer fails to operate as advertised. Also, it is
backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
M06B Multi PEET Dryer with four Footwear DryPorts.