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Zircon StudSensor i65 Center-Finding Stud Finder with DVD How-To Guide

Product Description

AUDIBLE ALERTS: The sensor pings any time you hit the center of a stud

STUD DETECTION: Can locate the edges and center of wooden or metal studs up to 1 1/2 inches deep

LIVE WIRE DETECTION: An alert pops up in the corner of the display whenever the system detects electrical currents up to 2 inches under the surface

LCD DISPLAY indicates when you are nearing the edge and center of a stud. It also tells you when re-calibration is necessary

SPOTLIGHT: Visual cues in the form of a glowing arrow aid you in finding the location of metal and wooden studs

Imported from USA

When you’re hanging items from your drywall, you need to know where the studs are. You also need to know where
potentially harmful live wires are. You can figure out the studs easily enough, but to really be sure of your own safety
when making holes in your wall, you want to pick up the Zircon i65 StudFinder. It’s as easy to use as your own two
hands, but works with greater accuracy! Hold it up to the wall, give it time to calibrate, and run it across the plane.
When it passes over a stud, it produces an audible beep and projects a red arrow onto its center point. Its portable
design lets you keep this on your person at all times. If you run into problems on your construction journeys, there is
an instructional DVD that will tell you everything you need to do. When it comes to keeping yourself safe and your
paintings hung right, you can count on Zircon.