Leatt H2 Harness Non-HHF Hydration System - Black/Yellow / One Size

by Leatt Brace

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Product ID: 767231


  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Size: One Size
  • Leatt H2 Harness Hydration System without Helmet Hands-Free Kit
  • 2011 Model
  • The H2 fuelpack is a high performance mobile hydration system based on an ultra light hydration harness. The
    construction gives a fantastic flexible and stable fit on the upper body where the liquid container is fixed tight on
    the back which prevents a "bumping tank". The ergonomic fit of the harness angle allows free and forceful body
    movements, without impairing safety and comfort by the leatt-brace, and the absorption of oxygen of the muscles of the
    upper body and arms. The buckles on the one size harness permits a large number of adjustment possibilities,
    facilitating the adjustment to different body constitutions. This is an outstanding hydration system for enduro, xc and
    freeride bicycling.

    * Does not include Helmet Hands Free Kit
    * Backpack type design specifically
    * Engineered to be worn with a Leatt-brace
    * Holds 82 ounces (2.5 liter)