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Product: 767859

Yellowstone: Battle for Life (SD)

Product Description

In a land of beauty and peril, the dramatic lives and fortunes of these animals are inexorably bound together. Intimate and emotional, epic and engaging, Yellowstone - Tales from the Wild reveals the grandeur of this unique place as its animals struggle to survive over the course of three vividly changing seasons. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION Rating: NR Age: 88392907

Imported from USA

Like another of David Attenborough's epic BBC documentary series, Planet Earth, Yellowstone, narrated by the charismatic
Peter Firth, links seemingly disparate elements in ecosystems to teach interconnectedness and wilderness ethics. The BBC
is still at the forefront of nature documentaries that promote environmentalism, and this one marks yet another
milestone in progressive ecological education through film. Taking a wide view of America's first national park,
Yellowstone is demarcated episodically by season, beginning with winter and ending with the following autumn. Each show
combines footage of the flora and fauna in its chosen habitat. Yet rather than dramatizing the narrative through
anthropomorphizing animals, the film achieves its drama through the detailed geographical and geological information
about why and how Yellowstone became such a spectacular location. The first episode, "Winter," opens with a wolf pack
prowling the snow for weak elk and proceeds to show stunning, rare clips of red foxes, river otters, and bison foraging
or hunting to survive in the frigid climate. All these animals merely populate a scene explained as a set of valleys
carved by weather. One sees massive elk and pronghorn antelope migrations from aerial views. In "Summer" one gets a
much-needed dose of baby animal footage to balance all that starvation and ice. Wolf pups and bear cubs frolicking in
streams will please any viewer. Flowers bloom around glacial lakes, otter and buffalo courtships unfold, and other
mammals lazily bask in the sunshine before wildfire season. "Autumn" focuses less on animals than on volcanic action in
the 20,000 acres of wild space. In all, a holistic picture emerges, one in which weather and geography are crucial to
life. While Yellowstone only briefly covers the impact of tourism on the park, it clearly indicates that wilderness must
remain wild for such delicate balance to exist. --Trinie Dalton