Snorepin™ – Anti Snoring Aid Sleep Device- The Smarter Solution Against Snoring and Sleeping Conditions – Naturally And Effectively Stop Snoring

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Product Description

COST EFFECTIVE - Each package includes two snorepin sets!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ENT DOCTORS - 30 Days Money back Guarantee.

IMPROVED MODEL - Little slits on the surface let the nasal hair catch airborne particles and prevent them from reaching the lungs. This proves to be healthier and will improve the quality of sleep.

NEW DESIGN - This device's new design effectively puts an end to snoring. It also reduces symptoms of dry mouth by dilating the nostrils to ensure easy nasal breathing all night long. It guarantees better airflow through its anatomic conical shape. Made from Antiallergic Polyurethane (produced without Latex), the snore pin will not attract dust and is dishwasher safe.

HIGHLY RECEASE OF USE - Pre-curved design ensures comfort and convenience. This sleek model is unobtrusive and virtually unnoticeable to others

Snorepin - The Smarter Solution Against Snoring: The recently designed and real, functional Snorepin is one of the best
Snore Stopper products so far. The Snorepin, with its advanced, anatomic and conical shape feels very comfortable in the
nose and looks unobtrusive. It leads to a much better breathing during nighttime. It reduces snoring and, in doing so,
it helps to save your relationship with your partner! Advantage to other Nasal Dilators: A little slit makes the
difference ! Nasal hair or nose hair is the hair in the nose. Its main function is to keep foreign or unwanted particles
from entering the lungs.(Wikipedia). This is one of the main advantages of the snorepin design. Unlike other nasal
dilators, which have a plain surface, the snorepin is designed with little slits on its surface. Because of these slits,
the nosehair has the ability to go between these little slits to filter the air in a natural way by catching airborne
particles and preventing them from reaching the lungs. In our days, the nose hair is mostly trimmed to a few
millimeters. Nonetheless, its easy for the hair to find its way through the little slits on the snorepin. Material and
Cleaning: Antiallergic Polyurethane (produced without Latex). Dimensions: 11,5x7x16mm, Cleaning: Water/Soap or just put
in the dishwasher Delivery and Guarantee: Original product with full warranty only from Snorepin direct or Snorepin
fulfilled by Amazon. Fast delivery and 30 Days Money back Guarantee.. General information: To terminate snoring, always
try to prevent to sleep on your back!. Safety Information: This product is intended for use in the nose only. Do not
swallow. Do not use this product on children under the age of 10.