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  • NASIVENT NEW MODEL 2016: More comfort and with the new smart Nose Lock, prevents slippage out of the nose while sleeping. 4 Sizes for personalized fit. Stiffens and retains the model of the nose wall. Keeps nose open to avoid HARMFUL mouth breathing. Helps to lower hypertension (ENT advised.)
  • Only Nasivent is made of 100% MEDICAL Silicone, (FDA app. silicone) comfortable and SAFE for daily use. 100% Free of infection (no metals or hard plastics used) Durable, unbreakable, serves you a lifetime.
  • Rating# 1 in (Germany) This device is covered by German Health Insurances. (PZN # )
  • As not one nose is the same, NasiVent Tube comes in four different sizes. Unbreakable, serves you many years.
  • Money back guaranteed. (Amazon A to Z warranty) NasiVent is a registered brand from VHP, patented and design protected.
  • The newly developed NASIVENT Tube Plus (Model 2013) is one of the best and most popular products designed against
    snoring worldwide. It reduces and stops snoring, and in many cases, thereby avoiding problems with your partner. The
    NASIVENT consists of two connected, slightly conical tubes and is inserted into the nostrils before sleeping. By
    slightly spreading the nostrils, it leads to an improved nasal breathing. NASIVENT provides a warm, comfortable feeling
    and is virtually invisible to outsiders. Thanks to its special flexibility and softness, it adapts to the different nose
    shapes perfectly. NASIVENT is free of plasticizers and other harmful substances what can cause infections.
    (Biocompatible to U.S. and EU directives). This is different from many other products on the market. Two retaining cones
    at the front of the tube effectively prevent slipping out during the night. New markings simplify customizing your nose
    size. Once bought, it can be used for many years. The working principle; snoring is in almost three quarters of all
    cases caused by a constriction in the nasal vestibule (nostril blockage). NASIVENT helps people where snoring is caused
    by a narrowing of the nasal valve. In a lateral sleeping position nasal breathing is greatly improved. Snoring can
    thereby disappear or will diminish greatly. research by ENT doctors have shown that the use of NASIVENT remains
    comfortable even after a long time. Research and testing were carried out by following doctors. Dr. Matthias Riemann /
    Specialists of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Dr. Th Mandelkow / Dr. G. Salt ENT Outpatient surgery doctors use: snoring,
    allergies and sports. Patent Pending.


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