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Black, White & Red Infant Stimulation TOY TRIO

Product Description

Infant Stimulation Toy Trio Includes:

High-contrast black, white & red illustrations flash cards for early visual stimulation & travel clip.

Reverse features baby faces and expressions. High quality laminated flashcards.

Baby Foot Rattle Booties - Foot Finder Rattles

2 Panda Wrist Rattles with velcro

Imported from USA

Infant Stimulation Toy Trio Includes: Set of Black & White Foot Finder Rattles 2 Panda Wrist Rattles & Set of Infant
Stimulation Flash Cards with travel clip for baby on-the-go. Black, White & Red Infant Stim Flashcards - "Smart Art for
Babies" by Genius Baby Toys. High quality laminated flashcards, with complimentary hanging clip. Front features
expressive baby faces and the back side features high contrast, black white and red infant stimulation graphics.
Inlcludes complimentary travel clip for on-the-go. Researchers have discovered that infants not only prefer to look at
high contrast graphics, but that such images can help: increase concentration skills stimulate the creation of synapses
(brain cell connections) increase an infant's attention span calm and soothe a baby (when she is bored) enhance natural
curiosity. Ages: Newborn and up.