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Product Description

Fox Home Entertainment Toys

Imported from USA

There are two reasons to see Toys: some phenomenal visual spectacle and the utterly adorable performance of Joan Cusack.
The story: When the founder of the Zevo toy factory dies, he leaves it to his militaristic brother Leland (Michael
Gambon) instead of to his whimsical son Leslie (Robin Williams). When Leland starts making war toys (and worse, actual
weapons masquerading as toys), Leslie is forced to stop being capricious and take on some authority. Toys is supposedly
about innocence and peace, but really it's director Barry Levinson's cry of anxiety about modern-day playthings,
particularly video games--which is almost psychic of him, given how video games have started to devour the entertainment
market. Fans of Williams will enjoy his performance; the visual design really is gorgeous; and Cusack, as Leslie's
sister Alsatia, is so lovely she almost carries the film through its muddled themes. Almost. --Bret Fetzer