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Ooga Booga Card Game

Product Description

Great party Game

speech and language

memory and party game

A hilarious memory game that you'll never forget!

Players memorize and recite a chant of cave man words and gestures, using the cave illustrations as clues.

Players collect penalty cards for forgetting or stumbling. The first player to get rid of their cards wins!

Game works on memory, visual perception and speech skills.

For 3 to 6 players, ages 7 and up.

Imported from USA

Tap into your primitive side with Ooga Booga, a hilarious memory game. Each playing card has either an ancient word or
wild gesture with a cave illustration as a visual cue. Players take turns reciting a chant of nonsense syllables and
actions that grows as each player reveals a new card. Players who hesitate or misremember are accused by the clan and
have to pick up more cards and start a new sequence until someone runs out of cards. Each success ends with a challenge
for the next player. The strongest memory will determine the new clan chief! Ooga Booga will have you tongue-tangled and
laughing yourselves silly as you grunt like cavemen. Includes 50 cards in a tin canister.