Glass Dharma Beautiful Bends Glass Straw (9.5mm Diameter, 1 Single Straw)

by Glass Dharma

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  • MADE IN USA, HIGHEST QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS STRAW AVAILABLE- For 10+ years, we have been hand blowing glass straws in Northern California, where we control every step of the production process. Our borosilicate glass is what is used in vintage Pyrex, because it holds up to heat and resists breaking!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE- We make the most durable glass straws on the market. We are confident you will love your straw, we guarantee it. We stand behind our straws, if they ever chip or break, simply submit a request through our website and well send you a coupon code to replace it!
  • MANY SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM- We make different widths and lengths. 9.5mm width is a standard straw, and 12mm width is great for smoothies, milkshakes and thicker drinks. We also make different lengths to fit your glasses, with 9in being the standard length. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe!
  • OUR GLASS STRAWS ARE ELEGANT, DURABLE AND HEALTHY FOR YOU AND THE PLANET- Once you go glass, youll never go back. Quality glass feels great to sip from and delivers pure taste of your beverage, free from plastic and metal tastes. They look stylish when served with your hot or cold beverage, from smoothies to coffee to mojitos!
  • GLASS IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- During beach cleanups, plastic straws are always in the top ten items of marine debris found. Marine wildlife such as dolphins, turtles and seabirds are killed from ingesting plastics. When you choose to stop purchasing single-use plastics, you contribute to making our oceans and landfills cleaner!
  • Ten years ago Glass Dharma was the first company to make glass straws. We remain committed to making a positive impact
    on the environment and supplying a beautiful piece of glass that contributes to healthy living.

    Why Go Glass
    Glass is reusable and free of harmful chemicals, such as BPA and other endocrine disruptors that are found in plastics.
    Glass allows the pure taste of your beverage to come through.

    First time users of Glass Straws generally have two concerns: Is the glass durable and is it easy to clean? Our glass is
    the same glass used in vintage Pyrex. It can be exposed to extreme temperatures without breakage. Our straws are
    dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

    Lifetime Guarantee - Our straws last a lifetime!
    We know you will love our hand made glass straws and we guarantee each of our straws against defects.

    Why Choose Glass Dharma
    -Our annealing process, which takes the stress out of glass that naturally occurs when heated, is based on Corning
    -Our designs and materials are the best in the industry. We source our raw materials from the US when possible and make
    each straw in our production facility in Fort Bragg, California.
    -We have strict quality control standards. We've inspected competitors products and many of them would not pass our
    quality assurance team.

    Environmentally Friendly
    We are committed to helping protect the environment and we are proud to say we use no plastic in our packaging. We wrap
    each straw or set of 4 in corrugated cardboard to protect your straws during shipping. Single use plastic straws are one
    of the most harmful items to our oceans and marine life. Sip the world. Make a difference. We take great pride in the
    workmanship of every piece we make and we are excited to share our glass pieces with you!


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