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Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder

Product Description

6.5-gallon metal bucket with a 40 lb. capacity

Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity camo finish

Digital timer programs up to 6 feed times per day, 1 to 20 seconds each

Quick-Lock adapter mounts to any barrel or hopper

360º feed pattern for widespread coverage

Imported from USA

The Moultrie Hanging Feeder enables you to distribute feed to deer with the programmable, down-to-the-minute digital
timer that allows you to determine the precise time to distribute feed, as well as the amount (1-20 seconds). After
owning this machine for a while, you'll just about be able to set your watch to the pattern of deer activity surrounding
your feeder. Timed feedings can be scheduled up to 6 times a day, and prevent wasteful free-for-all buffet activity that
can attract anything and everything. This Moultrie Hanging Feeder features a built-in varmint guard, and metal spin
plate and funnel. The feeder distributes pelletized food, shelled corn, and soybeans in a 30-ft diameter circle at 360
degrees. The ABS plastic kit housing can be removed easily from outside the barrel without having to empty the feeder.
Works with one 6V battery (not included).