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Product Description

Plush slippers turn your feet into furry adventure feet

Have hairy feet and be adorable, not gross

Great for hanging around the house or as part of a furry adventurer costume

Love your slippers: Spot clean with a damp cloth

One size fits most adult feet

Imported from USA

Wake up in the morning and start off with a surprising adventure! Just plop these Furry Adventure Slippers on your feet
and you'll be equipped to take on all of the adversities that come with going to the refrigerator, or store... or
dragon's cave. Wherever your destination lies, you can be sure that these wonderful slippers will keep you warm and
comfortable; they're not tricksy, they're just awesome and comfy - oh so comfy. * Please note: Furry Adventure Slippers
are not to be confused or associated with feet of Hobbits or Halflings which are copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment
Inc. ("Warner Bros.") or its subsidiary New Line Productions, Inc ("New Line"). They are definitely not to be confused
with the Lord of the Rings motion picture properties as New Line is the owner of the copyright to those films and the
owner of certain merchandising rights pertaining to the names, characters, items, events, and all related indicia
contained within The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books. The aforementioned Furry Adventure Slippers are just that.
They are slippers. They are furry. They are for grand quests and more modest trips to the refrigerator during
cinematically appropriate intermissions.

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