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Product: 770010

Health Check Up Packages Medicomat-29K Complete Symptom Checker System Health Care Management Software Computer Online

Product Description

Medicomat® Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD'S BEST HEALTHCARE APPARATUS * Health Test and Therapy Computer System - In 5 Minute, It Can Know Your Body Health Status

41 Health Reports in English and Spanish language * Fully Automatic Treatment at Home - just put the ear electrodes and Medicomat will automatically find and treat ear acupuncture points. Unique silver fiber conductive socks and gloves exclusive for acupuncture massage therapy. Semiconductor low-level (output 1-5mW, wavelength 650nm, GaAlAs semiconductor) laser irradiation the nasal and the wrist.

Medicomat Health Computer System is extensively used in beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health care products shop, direct selling, massage center, health center, etc. It can also be used for promoting health food and nutritional supplement, etc. Family use is also available.

Note: This machine comes without computer. Read more at and view product video at

Free Shipping Worldwide by EMS (Express Mail Service) to 55 countries, and the other is Airmail. Delivery of this item is carried out from Hong Kong.

Imported from USA

Computer quantum health system is a kind of health examination instrument that can make noninvasive and swift checkup to
human body. The electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent the specific state of the human body,
and the emitted electromagnetic wave signals are different under the different conditions of the human body. It can
issue very detailed 34 health reports. According to health status, it can give suggestion to improve health. Prediction
without symptoms * Speed and accuracy * Non-invasive and painless * Simple and convenient. Fully Automatic Treatment -
auto-selection of acupuncture points on the ear, hand, foot and SPA. The only action he or she needs to take is the
adjustment of the intensity of the pulse according to his or her tolerance. The Conductive Garments (Gloves, Socks) are
made with high quality silver fiber threads which conduct the electrical impulses throughout the whole garment,
providing acupuncture and massage therapy over the complete area covered by the garment. Producing an even distribution
giving maximum comfort and efficiency, and complete ease of use. Great alternative for sufferers with skin too sensitive
for traditional electrodes are ideal for home treatment. Reusable and hand washable and dried naturally. Operation
System: Windows 7 Windows XP/Vista. **Package Includes: Main Machine x 1 piece + USB Cable x 1 piece + Test Rod x 1
piece + CD/USB Software x 1 piece + USB(Dongle/Key) x 1 piece + Ear electrode × 4 pairs + Laser electrode × 1 piece +
Laser holder × 1 piece + Conductive Electrode Gloves: 1 pair model: G101 size: L color: silver grey + Conductive
Electrode Socks: 1 pair model: S101 size: 43-46 color: grey + Electrode pads × 1 pair + Two-pin wire × 2 pieces +
Machine-Computer USB-Wire x 1 piece + Aluminum case x 1 piece + User Manual × 1 copy.