• STACKABLE BENTO LUNCH BOX - SHRINKS FOR EASY STORAGE. With our 2 layer stacking design, you can pack a tasty full size lunch. After eating, your bento box collapses down, taking up less space in your cupboard or bag. CHOOSE YOUR OWN STYLE - pack one or two containers, plus we’ve added FREE BONUS removable compartment dividers, so you can divide up your food for the whole day!.
  • LEAKPROOF LUNCHBOX - OUR UNIQUE LeakStopper Lids create a watertight barrier around each compartment, stopping sauces, salads and soups from escaping. Both men and women can forget about spills, leaks or smells in their bag when bringing healthy a meal to the office, school or gym..
  • REAL STAINLESS STEEL CUTLERY INCLUDED - IF YOU’VE EVER struggled to use a plastic utensils, you know how infuriating it can be. We've stowed a REAL fork and spoon in the lid of your bento box, you can use PROPER cutlery to enjoy your food, even if you’re at university or having a picnic..
  • MICROWAVE SAFE & CLEAN UP EASY - ENJOY HOT microwavable meals with no mess! Leave the leak proof lid on during heating, preventing splashes and spills - pop open the vent allowing air to escape, and microwave for up to 3 minutes. When you’re finished, the easy-clean divided compartments make washing up a breeze - plus it’s even DISHWASHER SAFE!.
  • BPA FREE, 100% FOOD SAFE, DURABLE - WE SELECTED the highest quality reusable materials for our bento boxes - they're made to last, even if you use it every day. Plus with our 2 YEAR GUARANTEE, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund or replace your bento box, hassle-free at no cost to you!.
  • Imported from UK.
“A very well thought out lunchbox” “Fantastic" “This is my favourite” “I love these boxes” “Great Lunch Box” “Fab” FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Magic Space Saver Lunch Box QUESTION: Is your lunchbox really leakproof? ANSWER: YES! Each section has a unique LeakStopper lid, which has a special watertight seal. We’ve designed it so you don’t need to worry about leaks - never suffer a sticky bag again! QUESTION: Is it microwavable? ANSWER: YES! You can EVEN microwave with the lid on! Just open the special air vent first, and microwave for up to 3 minutes. You won’t need to worry about splashes and mess inside the microwave. QUESTION: Is it BPA free and food safe? ANSWER: It’s 100% safe. We’ve selected BPA free materials and they’re completely food safe. Your lunch box has been tested to pass German and EU safety standards. QUESTION: Is it easy to clean? Can I use a dishwasher? ANSWER: It couldn’t be easier - If you have a dishwasher, just pop it on the top shelf. You can hand wash too - the compartments have glossy surfaces to make cleaning really quick. QUESTION: Does it come with utensils? ANSWER: It does! We have included REAL stainless steel cutlery that neatly clips into the lid - so you don’t need to use disposable plastic. QUESTION: Does it come with a money back guarantee in case I don’t like it? ANSWER: Absolutely YES! You risk absolutely nothing. Our lunch boxes are backed by an unconditional 2-year, no risk, no-nonsense 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll fix it. Simple as that. FREE BONUS WHEN YOU BUY NOW - FREE “20 Easy Bento Lunches” RECIPE E-BOOK - Packed with TASTY recipes and lunch ideas for your new lunch box. We have limited supply of this best selling lunch box. Click Add to Basket and grab yours today!

Magic Space Saver Lunch Box - 2-Compartment Bento Box with LeakStopper Lids to Prevent Spills - Microwave Safe, for Adults. Includes Cutlery, Free Separators + Bonus Recipes eBook