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Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter, Includes Double Wall Aerator

Product Description

Sediment and cork are removed

Wine streams through 8 breathing holes and aerates a first time

Makes for a dramatic presentation

Screen is stainless steel. Machine made decanter and double-wall glass aerator are lead-free

Hand wash recommended

Glass decanter with aerator and stainless steel sediment filter

Blown glass

Hand washing recommended

Imported from USA

Enjoy this unique 3-phase wine scent and flavor enhancer decanter set. The set includes a beautiful blown glass
decanter, stainless steel sediment filter and patented double wall glass aerator. Aerating wine has a proven benefit;
simply exposing your wine to oxygen will improve its taste and aroma. A very important step in making sure your wine is
served at its best. Phase one of the this three step process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel
filter, catching sediment then disbursing through the first of the double wall aerator. In phase two the wine is gently
disbursed again, this time into the sides of a specially designed globe providing a totally new aeration process never
possible before. In phase three the wine continues into the final enhancer and travels strategically out onto the side
of the decanter at a rate determined to provide superior aeration and oxygenation. Finally the wine comes to rest in the
decanter ending the journey, bursting with flavor and scent.