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Scrap Lace Leather Dark Brown Cowhide 10" X 18" Piece #L301

Product Description

One nice big piece Dark Brown lace leather, approximately 18 inches by 10 inches, about 1 1/4 Square Feet.

Weight 5/6 oz; thickness about 1/16"

Dangerous Threads' Leather Products (our Amazon-registered branded products) are manufactured according to our exact specifications, then carefully cut, packaged and shipped exclusively from our factory as shown. Dangerous Threads, Inc. has no other wholesaler, distributor, or sales agent of any kind that distributes our registered branded products.

Imported from USA

About our Lace Leather:

* Medium Weight, 5 to 6 ounce, Domestically Tanned, Made in the USA.
* Custom tannage by Dangerous Threads for consistent weight, thickness and color

* Not a soft garment leather- Chrome tannage; strong, firm hand (on the stiffer side), matt (not shiny) finish; smooth
one side, slightly sueded on the other, with nice natural markings and character. Color: Dark Brown.

* We have used this product for years for our straps and leather specialties

* Ideal for coasters, mouse pads, desk pads, key fobs, collars, wristbands, lacing, strapping, scout projects, repairs,
crafts, and a thousand other uses... we have sold thousands of pounds of this product over the years to many happy

* Please note: These pieces are scrap from the manufacturing process but are excellent leather, great yield