HEAD YouTekTM IG Radical PRO® Tennis Racquet-5

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Product Description

Andy Murray's weapon of choice combines higher weight with an open string pattern. This makes it the most aggressive racquet in the line. Now equipped with a full cap grommet system providing a unique feel.

YouTekTM - D30TM / InnegraTM. Beam: 21.5 mm. Head Size: 98 in2. Weight (unstrung): 10.9 oz / 310 g. Balance (unstrung):
1'' HL / 320 mm. Length: Standard, 27''. Grip Size: 2-5. Grip: Synthetic Leather Grip. String Pattern: 16/19.
Recommended String: Sonic ProTM 17. Swing Style: L4.~~ "Available now for pre-order, shipping on 1/15/12