Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Product Description

Ideal for cutting down on oil and butter use

Use on gas, electric or induction stovetops

Increases iron content of food

Easy to clean and maintain

Colour: Black, Material: Cast Iron, Shape: Round

Imported from INDIA

Perfect and Round Dosas with Added Nutrition

Go traditional with this Rock Dosa Tawa pan made out of pre-seasoned cast iron. Make round dosas with ease that are not
only spectacular looking, but also nutritious and healthy. You can now embark on your new diet plan with convenience.
You don’t have to worry about consuming more oil in your dosas, as the cast iron absorbs the oil and evenly cooks them
to perfection. Eat as many dosas as you want with less guilt.

Cook Crisp and Thin Dosas with Ease This Rock Dosa Tawa pan is constructed in the right size of 12 inches, which makes
perfect sized dosas to be served fresh and hot. The pan has skillet-like feature with narrow edges. This makes it easy
to pick and flip the crisp and thin dosas as well as turn them onto a plate to serve or in a hot-box. Since the Rock
Dosa Tawa is made of pre-seasoned cast iron, food cooked in this pan doesn’t interact with the chemicals, but instead
increases the iron content in the food being cooked in it. It also heats up faster, thus requiring less time to cook the
dosas evenly.

Long Lasting, Convenient to Maintain and Versatile Since the Rock Dosa Tawa pan is made out of cast iron, you can
maintain it with ease. You can easily clean and stack it with the rest of your pans and pots at home. Also, cast iron is
meant to be durable and sturdy, thus this Rock Dosa Tawa pan will last long. Moreover, the pan will not suffer from
bends and cracks. This Rock Dosa Tawa pan can be used on gas, electric as well as induction cooktops, making it a very
versatile pan. It can also be used for making pancakes, omelettes as well as frying food.

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