HealthyHey Nutrition Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides Powder (Unflavoured, 200g)

Product Description

Healthyhey fish / marine collagen peptides are made from fish

Greater bio availability: fish collagen hydrolysate is easier for your body to absorb than animal collagens meaning you notice the affects faster without the digestive upset

Keto and paleo approved: switch out your tasting protein powders for our unflavoured or flavoured collagen to compliment your ketogenic, paleo, whole 30, or low carb lifestyle

Age gracefully packed with natural glycine, known as the anti-aging amino, supports smooth clear skin, strong nails, and full shiny hair. Help clear up skin with natural nutrition. Collagen protein has similar benefits as bone broth

Look your best. 100% pure fish collagen

Imported from INDIA



HealthyHey Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen is a complex structural protein which helps you to maintain the strength
and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.

Fish vs. Animal Collagen

Fish collagen is over 97% protein with no fat, sugars or carbohydrates, making it one of the best natural proteins
available due to the distinctive amino acid compositions and high concentrations of glycine, hydroxyproline and proline.
Because of the superior bioavailability of Type I collagens, they enter our bloodstream up to 1.5 times more efficiently
due to their smaller particle sizes compared to other animal collagens. By consuming fish collagen, you don't just get
collagen, you get everything that collagen contains to help you increase the body's own natural collagen production.

HealthyHey Fish Collagen is produced only from the skin and bones of wild-caught, fish and contain no growth hormones
or antibiotics.

So order now and when you do, consider getting two... one for yourself and one for a loved one who would benefit from
the miraculous benefits of incorporating collagen into their diet as well.

Please note: packaging may vary as we continuously improve our packaging and visual presentation to improve the
customer experience.

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