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C3 City Water Filtration System for Under Counter Ionizers

Product Description

Stage 1: Carbon Block- 5 Micron. Removes: sediments, chlorine, chloramines, bad taste, odors and many more.

Stage 2: Removes: flouride, lead, arsenic.

Stage 3: KDF+55/ Super Carbon. Removes: heavy metal, bacteria, sulphur, pesticides, nitrates.

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Imported from USA

The Chanson Water C3 pre-filter is the ultimate in water filtration technology. There is not an ionizer filter on the
market that can compete with this triple- canister filtered water. Each C3 canister is devoted to removing harmful
chemicals, heavy metals, flouride, chlorine and over 100 additional contaminants. The C3 regular filter is for under the
counter ionizers. The C-MUC is for all brands countertop ionizers with filter installed under the sink. The C3-C is for
installation on top of counter with countertop ionizer.