Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper 2101U

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Product Description

Great for Bare Floors & Carpet.

Picks up Lint, Crumbs and Dirt on Forward and Reverse Motion.

Convenient to Use - No Cord to Plug in, or Dust Pan to deal with.

Easy to Empty Dirt Pans

7 Brush System

The bissell sweep up cordless carpet sweeper picks up lint crumbs and dirt on the forward and return motion. Its a
multi-functional sweeper with edge cleaning and can be used on all floor surfaces. No cord no broom no dust pan to deal
with! Product warranty: 365 day on parts Bissell Carpet Sweeper Manual Warranty Card Product Features: Quick and easy
clean-up on all floor types 7 brush system No cord to plug in Edge cleaning Handle lies flat for cleaning underneath
furniture Easy to use- just sweep and empty!