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Websters New College Dictionary 3Rd
Websters New College Dictionary 3Rd
Websters New College Dictionary 3Rd

Websters New College Dictionary 3Rd

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Comprehensive and fully uptodate, Webster's New College Dictionary includes the latest vocabulary in science,
technology, medicine, contemporary culture, and much more. The definitions are clear and precise, and Feature Notes
offer insightful guidance on the vocabulary of American English. This updated edition of the popular familyfriendly
dictionary, with a fresh and contemporary new look that sets it apart from other Webster's dictionaries, features more
than 250 new words, such as dwarf planet, eyewall, manchego, and puggle. The biographical section has been completely
revised to include scores of current political, literary, and scientific figures, such as Tim BernersLee, Jhumpa Lahiri,
and Nicolas Sarkozy. Created to serve the needs of a wide range of users, including students on campus and families at
home, Webster's New College Dictionary has hundreds of notes on usage, word histories, and synonyms that shed light on
our language and offer guidance on word choice. Authoritative and easy to use, this resource is a trusted companion to
inquisitive minds at every stage of life.