Mutant MIG-WS203 Media Ellipse Weatherproof Rechargeable Wireless Docking Music Station for iPhone

by Mutant

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Product ID: 802600


  • 2.4GHz technology provides a strong and clear signal up to 150" away
  • Dock-charge-play iPods/iPhone with stylish docking base
  • Wirelessly recharging satellites speakers while docking on the docking base
  • USB Wireless transmitter, play music from PC wirelessly
  • Remote control
  • The ultimate wireless speaker system! The new Mutant Media Ellipse is sure to fill any and every gap for your iPod or
    iPhone dock needs. Use it as a shelf unit, or detach the wireless inductive charging speakers to take the sound with
    you. The speakers are also weatherproof, so leave them outside by your pool, BBQ, or table for a great addition to any
    outdoor setting.Plus, with the included wireless USB dongle, you can stream your PC's music to the dock, which then
    streams it to the speakers, allowing to listen to any PC audio through this set.Finally, these not only look great, but
    sound amazing! The most important feature of a speaker set is the sound quality, and these are sure to impress with the
    3" full range driver plus dynamic bass. Use the included remote control to never leave the comfort of your chair to
    control the iPod and volume.


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